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Tournament Rules

Last updated: 13. Sep. 2023.

Supercup specific Rules

1. Fishing Association has the final say on all decisions and adjudications.

2. There will be up to 6 rounds per region, some anglers may be lucky enough to draw a bye.

3. The initial onus is on the home angler to contact the away angler asap. We would also urge the away angler to make contact, preferably in both instances via the platform supplied, and as a matter of priority. We cannot stress enough why it is in your interests to use the custom built platform provided for communication and compliance purposes. Not only could it help you, it will certainly help us as organisers to improve your overall experience, the more informed we are the better, thank you.

4. We will help where possible to make your experience a good one with gentlemanly behaviour being strongly prioritised and considered within certain rules and criteria, with a view to compliance and inevitable adjudications, as and when required.

5. Under normal circumstances we prefer at least 6 anglers for a fixture to take place but in some instances we will actively encourage head to heads for filming purposes.

6. The home angler is responsible for providing a minimum of 3 suitable weekend dates (at least one Saturday and one Sunday for fairness) within pre-existing open/open club matches and in reasonable time.

7. If the home angler is unable to make or provide 3 reasonable fixtures they are likely to forfeit the round.

8. Likewise if the away angler is unable to make one of the three dates they are also likely to forfeit the round.

9. If you are unable to turn up to a match once agreed you could also be facing forfeiture.

10. The winner of the round is the angler who places highest by weight overall within the agreed match.

11. If the match ends in a draw (same weight or both blank for example) the away angler goes through.

12. Barred/self imposed restrictions need to be declared before purchasing a ticket and this knowledge will need to be shared on acceptance, amongst all of our members.

13. There are no stand ins allowed. If you cannot make a round you will have to forfeit.

14. Tickets are non refundable but fully transferable.


Fishing Association has the final say on all adjudications.

Acceptable competition types

Matches must be on suitable commercial carp fisheries only within your region
No rovers
No canals
No rivers
No reservoirs (this includes Boddingtons)

This year there will be up to 32 competitors in the grand final, comprising of regional Supercup style qualifiers and more traditional 64 peg one off open matches. All regions and Qualifiers are restricted to a maximum of 64 competitors per finalist produced and all the £60 entry fee will be paid out in prize money, less any third party fishery peg fees and Paypal costs.
In the event of a full uptake the total prize pot will be well in excess of 100k but it is guaranteed at a minimum pot of 51k

See below qualifiers and regions currently planned, though we retain the right to pull out any regions or qualifiers with a low uptake and replace or add others up to a total of 32.
Refunds would then apply.

1. Todber Manor Sat June 29th

2. Todber Manor Sat May 4th

3. MAP Marston Fields Bank Holiday Monday 27th May

4. MAP Marston Fields Bank Holiday Mon 26th Aug

5. Floatfish Farm Sat 1st June

6. Floatfish Farm Sat 15th June

7. Jansons Sat 20th July

8. Jansons Sunday August 18th

9 Old Hough Sat May 18th

10 Old Hough Sat 22nd June

11. Rookery Sat April 27th

12. Rookery Sat July 6th

Supercup 2024 Regional qualifying rounds

Round 1 Draw Mon 4th March, Live on You Tube 7.30

Round to be completed by Sun 31st March (4 weekends)

Round 2 Draw Tue 2nd April, Live on You Tube 7.30 (Bank Holiday)

Round to be completed by Sun 28th April (4 weekends)

Round 3 Draw Mon 29th April,Live on You Tube 7.30

Round to be completed by Sun 26th May (4 weekends)

Quarter final draw Tue 28th May, Live on You Tube 7.30 (Bank Holiday)

Round to be completed by Sun 23rd June (4 weekends)

Semi final Draw Mon 24th June, Live on You Tube 7.30

Round to be completed by Sun 21st July (4 weekends)

Regional Final Draw Mon 22nd July, Live on You Tube 7.30

Round to be completed by Sun 18th August (4 weekends)

Grand Final

Sun 15th September Jansons Fishery Notts

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