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Tickets are a one off payment of £60 for the entire event. You can enter as many qualifiers as you like that are being ran alongside the Main Event at a further £60 per entry.

You can only enter once into the Main Event, but you can enter as many qualifiers as you like.

Each region will host up to 6 head-to-head knockout rounds culminating in 1 angler from each region qualifying for the Grand Final.

There will be a live draws to determine all the round fixtures.

We will then link you up with your opponent and you will have 4 weekends from the start of the competition in order to organise a head to head clash within the context of a match already taking place in your region.

The day after completion of round 1 there will be another live draw for Round 2 with another window of 4 weekends to complete as before.The finalists are scheduled to fish the Grand Final on Sunday September 15th 2024 at Middy Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk. We will be running 6 one off qualifiers of no more than 64 pegs alongside the Main Event providing another 6 finalists along with the 19 regional winners.

What are the date of the rounds

Drawn live on You Tube Monday 4th March

Round 1 matches to be completed by Sunday 31st March

Drawn live Monday on You Tube Tuesday 2nd April

Round 2 to be completed by Sunday 28th April

Drawn live Monday on You Tube Monday 29th April

Round 3 to be completed by Sunday Sun 26th May

Drawn live Monday on You Tube Tuesday 28th May

Round 4 to be completed by Sunday 23rd June

Drawn live Monday on You Tube Monday 24th June

Regional Semi Final to be completed by Sunday 21st July


Drawn live on You Tube Mon 22nd July

Regional Final to be completed by Sun 18th August

GRAND FINAL SUNDAY 15th Sept Middy Woodlands Thirsk

For each round whichever angler is drawn first is classed as the home angler. This means they decide the venue for the match. We have created an online platform for the event where the home angler can suggest to their opponent 3 different dates at their chosen venue. It is the responsibility of the home angler to register the results on the platform. We ask that the winner of the match to document the results by means of a photograph of the results sheet, where possible.

We developed the online platform with message prompts and ways to communicate with each other to ensure the entire event runs smoothly. WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT YOU USE THE PLATFORM TO COMMUNICATE ASAP FOR COMPLIANCE AND ADJUDICATION PURPOSES!!!!!!

Tickets are non refundable but can be transferred, we will do our best to assist you.

Commercial venues only for this tournament.

No. The regional round matches are to be organised between the two competing anglers at an agreed/approved venue in their mutual region. The angler who places highest within the context of the match will go through.

Very, the rounds have to be fished by the deadline of each round, no exceptions.

Yes, but they would need to fish within one of the specified regions.

No. However, which ever region selected you must fish all qualifying rounds in that region, unless BOTH anglers agree otherwise.

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